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I'm Adam, an obsessive Celtics fan based in the UK with almost a decade of experience covering the team. What started as a passion project, where I provided analysis and opinions on news, games, and the teams as a whole, has grown into a freelance career covering the team. Recently, I was let go by one of the outlets I work for, and that made me realize that to survive in this industry, you need to build something of your own…which led to the launch of this newsletter.

I currently hold bylines at CelticsBlog, USA Today, and Yardbarker. However, I want to build an independent, in-depth, and unique brand of coverage that you won't find in the mainstream.

I love to create in-depth film breakdowns. I’m always working to deepen my X’s and O’s knowledge. I unpack basketball plays to examine the nuts-and-bolts strategy behind them - and why they do or don’t work in a specific possession.

My statistical dives reveal insights you won't see on box scores or studio shows.

From team-centric commentary to honest takes on organizational moves, I dissect the Celtics with passion and fandom.

With subscriber support, I'll continue working toward creating elite independent coverage while working toward building a community within the subscriber base. My mailbags, community boards and exclusive subscriber Q&As make this our hub to connect with Celtics fans around the world.

To better understand why I choose to do this and what my plans are moving forward, I suggest reading the following post.

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Just an English guy trying to make it as an independent content creator covering the Boston Celtics