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Analyzing how Baylor Scheierman fits with Boston

Analyzing how Baylor Scheierman fits with Boston

Baylor Scheierman should find some sort of role within the rotation this season.

The Boston Celtics selected Baylor Scheierman with the 30th pick in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft. Scheierman is a five-year production out of Creighton. He is a multi-talented wing who enters the NBA as a high-floor, low-ceiling prospect.

Scheierman has proven himself to be a reliable movement shooter, rebounder, and has shown he can attack off the dribble, create space for himself and tee-up his teammates at times.

Boston has drafted for fit, and took the player that makes the most sense for their system and current needs. Scheierman will likely struggle to crack Boston’s rotation, but given his polish and collegiate experience, he will likely jump ahead of Jordan Walsh in the rotation and will consume the role Svi Mykhailiuk played last season. His talent could see him earn a bigger role throughout the season.

In today’s podcast, myself and Tim Sheils discuss Scheierman’s fit with the Celtics, assess how he suits Joe Mazzulla’s brand of basketball. We also touch on the discussion surrounding a potential crossover with Sam Hasuer (spoiler, they should be able to co-exist) and what to expect from Scheierman this season.

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And, of course, if you prefer YouTube, the video is already live!

While we’re here, let me know how you’re feeling about Scheierman joining the Celtics…Is he the guy you wanted? Did Brad Stevens miss on a different prospect? Let me know!

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