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First Blood

First Blood

Something a little different today. Usually, the podcast doesn’t replace a newsletter release. That will continue to be the case. However, with the Celtics securing their first win in the NBA Finals, I wanted to share my thoughts so you could hear my tone of voice — and see how happy I am (If you’re watching on YouTube) — hopefully, it comes across!

So, for today, the newsletter is tied to the podcast. You can tune in via any major podcast platform or watch it on YouTube by following the link.

If you’re new to the show, hit the subscribe button. I will have many things coming out, week in and week out.

And if you’re a paying subscriber, we will be completing the 3x3x3 tomorrow, where we look at some of the offensive and defensive principles we touched on this week and how they played out — or didn’t play out during the opening game of the series! The final 3 x 3 x 3 will be available for everyone, so stay tuned!

Shoutout to my guy Tim Sheils for jumping on with me. You will see a lot of Tim moving forward.

The Celtics Chronicle
The Celtics Chronicle: A Boston Celtics Podcast
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